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Memory Care


Are you and your family seeking a safe, supportive environment for a beloved senior with dementia or Alzheimer’s? COGIR of San Rafael offers the expertise—and care—to support your loved one. Our highly skilled and empathetic staff are integral in creating a warm, welcoming and safe environment tailored to each individual.


For seniors with memory issues, we believe that family makes all of the difference. That’s why we partner with family members to get a deep sense of life history, familiarity and personal preferences. Our staff gets to know their seniors and use this knowledge to individualize communication, redirect behaviors and reinforce safety, comfort and a sense of well-being. This close partnership with family, daily caregivers and physicians and nurses is integral to the well-being of your loved one.

The Balance of Enjoyment and Safety

Meals are specially prepared for Memory Care patients by our nutritionists and chefs. Residents are gently guided toward daily success through specific design elements including secured perimeters, walking paths, small intimate dining areas, outdoor gardens and interactive areas. On-site staff focuses on gentle interventions to encourage the most rewarding lifestyle – and maximum independence – possible within this secure, welcoming environment.

Because every resident is unique, we offer a range of services
from occasional assistance to comprehensive support.